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Join OBK: Transform Lives through Volunteering

OBK, also known as Our Big Kitchen, is a community-run kitchen located in the heart of Sydney, Australia. We provide an opportunity for anyone who wishes to make a positive impact in the community by providing food for those in need.

Volunteering at OBK is a rewarding experience that not only allows you to help others but also presents an excellent platform to learn, connect, and share. This article provides you with an in-depth view of what to expect when volunteering at OBK and how to get involved in this noble cause.


Understanding OBK

Our Big Kitchen (OBK) is a non-profit community kitchen that was established with a single aim: to nourish, inspire, and change lives. Founded by Rabbi Dr Dovid Slavin and his wife, Laya, OBK began its journey by producing nutritious meals for people in need, regardless of their race, religion, or social status. Over the years, OBK has grown tremendously, not only in our capacity to serve more meals but also in bringing together a diverse community of volunteers.

The Volunteering Experience

Volunteering at OBK provides a unique opportunity to interact with a diverse group of individuals, learning from their experiences, stories, and cultures. Here’s what you can expect when you volunteer at OBK:

Community Connection

Volunteering at OBK allows you to connect with a diverse community of individuals, including those from different age groups, cultures, and backgrounds. This experience will expand your understanding of the diverse community you live in, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Skill Development

OBK is a place where learning is inevitable. You'll learn to cook a variety of dishes, manage a kitchen, package and distribute meals, and even partake in cleanup. These skills are not only useful in a kitchen environment but also provide valuable life skills that can be used in everyday life.

Rewarding Work

Preparing and distributing food for those in need provides an immense sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Knowing that your efforts directly impact the well-being of others in your community can be a highly rewarding experience.

The Volunteering Experience

How to Get Involved

Getting involved with OBK is quite straightforward. Follow the steps below to start your volunteering journey:

1. Visit

Firstly, visit the official OBK website ( Here, you'll find detailed information about OBK, our mission, and our volunteering opportunities. You'll also be able to read the story of OBK, which can provide insight into the difference you could make.

2. Register as a Volunteer

To volunteer at OBK, you'll need to complete a Volunteer Application Form. This form can be found under the 'How You Can Help' section of the website. Here, you'll provide basic information such as your name, contact details, and availability.

3. Attend a Volunteer Orientation

Once your application is processed, OBK will invite you for a Volunteer Orientation session. This session is crucial as it provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the organisation, what's expected from you, and safety procedures within the kitchen.

4. Begin Volunteering

After the orientation, you'll be scheduled for your first volunteering shift. OBK offers flexible schedules, allowing you to choose the days and times that work best for you.

Begin Volunteering

The Impact of Volunteering at OBK

Volunteering at OBK has far-reaching implications that go beyond the individual volunteer and the people who receive the meals.

Community Empowerment

By preparing and providing meals to those in need, OBK volunteers contribute to the overall health and vitality of their communities. They support community members going through challenging times, affirm the value of every individual, and strengthen the communal spirit.

Positive Social Change

OBK volunteering fosters understanding, empathy, and compassion among its volunteers and the broader community. These qualities can spark positive social change, promoting a more inclusive, caring, and resilient society.

Getting the Most Out of Your Volunteering Experience

As a volunteer, there are several ways to maximise your experience and impact at OBK.

Be Open and Receptive

Approach your volunteering experience with an open mind and heart. Be ready to learn from those around you and accept new challenges that come your way. This attitude can greatly enrich your volunteering experience.

Share Your Skills

Each volunteer brings their unique skills and talents to the table. Don't hesitate to share your expertise, whether that's in cooking, organisation, communication, or another area. Your skills could prove invaluable to the operation and even inspire other volunteers.


Ready to Volunteer?

Volunteering at OBK is an extraordinary experience that offers personal growth, a chance to give back to the community, and an opportunity to learn valuable skills. This experience can provide a unique perspective on the power of food in connecting and uplifting communities. Remember, every meal you help prepare and distribute at OBK helps make a difference in someone's life.

No matter your skill level or availability, OBK welcomes all who wish to contribute. So, are you ready to put on your apron, roll up your sleeves, and dive into the heartwarming world of community service? Visit today to get involved.


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