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Teach Your Students the Importance of Giving Back

No matter the age, we believe it's never too soon to create and encourage a spirit of selflessness. Our school programs are customised to your student’s age and anticipated learning outcomes.

Your Community Impact.

120,000 meals

served to the homeless.

60,000 pounds of food prepped.

200,000 volunteer hours logged.

Our Next Generation is the Future for a Giving Community.

Make Your Event Memorable

Our year 1 students and parents had a wonderful time 
at OBK."

last week, with our morning spent preparing meals for those in need. It was a very interactive, informative, fun and meaningful way to spend time together and strengthen relationships, learn some new skills and also, importantly, contribute to the community. And to top it all off, we enjoyed delicious and nourishing soup and bread for lunch. I highly recommend OBK and the sessions they run for volunteers.

Angela McLaughlin

I just wanted to send a big note of thanks to everyone 
at OBK."

for the hugely successful event we had at OBK last Sunday for Cranbrook Junior School. The boys and parents both found the afternoon such a fun learning experience and so very rewarding. It made everyone’s week! We hope our small contribution helped some of those less fortunate in our community.

Cranbrook Junior School

Register Your Student/s

2 hour kitchen reservation for your students.

Learn about OBK, the people that we serve, and the impact we make.

Package each meal with your school logo.

Each student participates in the OBK challenge: cooking a hot meal.

Closing talk and photos permitted throughout the event.

$30  + GST per person

This is tax deductible as OBK is a registered charity.

Optional lunch for extra $5 per student.

Minimum of 20 people; maximum 40 students per reservation.

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What’s Included in Your Reservation

Click on the options below to see inclusions and cost

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