Welcome to Our Big Kitchen

Our Big Kitchen is a community run kitchen located in Bondi, Sydney. With support from volunteers, we prepare meals that are distributed to needy people from all walks of life. 

 Why not host your next corporate team building event, kids party, or other special event at Our Big Kitchen? Not only will it be lots of fun, but your efforts will help someone in need. 

 At Our Big Kitchen, our main ingredient is love.

  • Thursday Photo Blog

    Thursday, October 30, 2014

    Hi Everyone, 

    Laya and I thought it may be fun to do something a bit different for this week's blog - so rather than me telling you about all the fun that has happened here this lovely Thursday morning, we thought it would be more fun to show you =) 

    Danny and Merel drying apples 

    Landi carrying freshly baked challah 

    Chef Michael, Simon and Cathy working up a storm 

    Thursday's Challah Baking Group 

    Moriah Mums Cook-In

    Chef Mila and the ladies making more delicious food 

    George with a trolley full of meals to send out 

    Anne and Dani from Eat Your Heart Out Catering making cupcakes and other tasty goods 

    Danielle and Ice 

    Chef Jonathan from Katzimoto Catering making some delicious looking sushi! 

     What's a Thursday without a Dance Session with Laya? 

    Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful sunny Thursday as much as we are 

    Until next time... 

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  • A Quick Hello Before the Big Bake

    Monday, October 27, 2014

    After a couple weeks away due to all the festivals, today when I walked back into the kitchen I was reminded of how much I miss this place whilst away! With the Shabbat Project coming up and all our weekly events taking place, the kitchen today has been a hype of activity! I walked in to be greeted by the delicious smells of freshly cooked soups and pastas prepared by the team members from Priority Planners, by an enormous number of people as we had a corporate group, a whole series of caters AND all our staff, and especially by the really warm, inviting and excited faces of everyone in the kitchen. In every blog I write something about how this place is really a family and it’s really heightened after not seeing each other for even just a few short weeks – OBK, you really are a very special place!

    Special…and very busy! Since the last blog post, we have once again been flat out! We have also enjoyed multiple Jewish festivals recently and so I hope you and your family all have had a wonderful and special time over the various yomtovs.

    This is really a short blog – just a quick hello and update to let you know that it’s all full steam ahead here at the kitchen. We have had OOSH groups, corporates, parties, catering jobs and simchas galore.

    In particular in the last few days we have been incredibly busy producing challah dough in mass quantities – nearly 1800 kilos to give you an idea – for tonight’s Shabbat Project Challah Baking. Some 2,400 people will be there to join in the community spirit and we just wanted to say a huge kol hakavod to the Shabbat Project and all those involved for their amazing efforts in putting this event together. We are so excited to be a part of this exciting initiative and I think that the incredible OBK staff who really made this happen deserve a HUGE thank you and again, a kol hakavod. Each one of the team involved really stepped up to make this happen and we are very proud of OBK’s role in the event. For photos of our team at work – see below 

    As I said – today’s post is short and sweet but I just wanted to finish up this week by showing you all our new picture decorating the walls of OBK created by Luke Power. Luke, thank you so much – it looks fantastic!!

    Good luck to everyone involved in the Shabbat Project this weekend - I can't wait to update with photos in the next blog :) 

    And so – until next time…

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