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Our Big Kitchen is a community run kitchen located in Bondi, Sydney. With support from volunteers, we prepare meals that are distributed to needy people from all walks of life. 

 Why not host your next corporate team building event, kids party, or other special event at Our Big Kitchen? Not only will it be lots of fun, but your efforts will help someone in need. 

 At Our Big Kitchen, our main ingredient is love.

  • Shana Tova and the weeks past

    Thursday, October 02, 2014

    It has been a little while since the last post and as per usual, the kitchen has been buzzing with activity and excitement as school programs, cook-ins and community gatherings have filled up our diary. Even now as I sit here writing this update, 100 Kambala girls are sitting behind me learning about the important work of Our Big Kitchen and the House of Welcome and the benefit of interagency support. Because of Rosh Hashana I was unable to post last week so you’ll forgive me for trying to cram a lot into this post to ensure that you are all up to date with OBK 

    As mentioned in the last update, the Slavins are back and what better way to celebrate their return than with a very special Shabbat dinner with some of our wonderful volunteers. The dinner was simultaneously a welcome home celebration from OBK and a thank you from the Slavins who beautifully expressed their gratitude to all who stepped up in their absence allowing them to spend some much needed time with their family. From the Shabbat ceremony led by Greg Nathan, to the beautiful food prepared at OBK by Michael, Jonathon and Mila (I’m so sorry if I forgot someone! It was all delicious so thank you just in case), to the lovely speeches – namely Rabbi Slavin’s speech in which he shared some incredibly powerful and moving memories of his sister and the lovely songs enjoyed by all, the night was absolutely beautiful. Thank you to everyone who put so much work into making the night such a memorable one! 

    With some new interns in the kitchen, we are very excited to have new friendly faces around OBK. Daniela and Merel, our two newest international interns, have joined Laura and together the three of them have helped out in all aspects of OBK life. All three are absolutely lovely ladies and it is certainly a privilege having them around! 

    We are also excited to welcome some new guys to the team. Byron, John, Robert and Daniel are all (hopefully) settling into OBK nicely and its great having some more enthusiastic and helpful people around and part of the OBK family. 

    So next time you are in the kitchen make sure to introduce yourself and get to know all the new members of the team! 

    We have hosted a bar-mitzvah dinner, kids’ parties and a 40th birthday so we wanted to wish all those who celebrated with us another big mazel tov. 

    Whilst on the topic of Mazel-Tovs, our chef Michael who has been an absolutely integral part of OBK for the year or so he has been with us now, recently celebrated his son’s wedding and so to Michael, Lynn and all their family – Mazel tov from the whole OBK family. Michael shared with us a beautiful photo from the day – seen below. 

    Finally - the whole team has had reason to celebrate recently after OBK received a truly humbling award - please click on this link to read more about this wonderful achievement! http://www.jwire.com.au/news/big-kitchen-best/46229

    As many of you by now would have heard, Greg Fisher, who has been the General Manager at OBK since 2012, has recently been appointed as General Manager of the centre as a whole. Whilst this new title undeniably comes with an increased work load, Greg has taken on the challenge and is excited about the changes to come and the opportunity to work closely with all staff, supporters and friends of the centre. It’s a big job but all of us at OBK are very excited for him and back him 100%! 

    Although belated, to all friends and family of OBK, on behalf of the whole team we wish you a SHANA TOVAH and hope that for all of you the year ahead is filled with nothing but sweetness! Festivals are always a special time here at OBK as its a great opportunity to get the community together to celebrate, eat and enjoy each other’s company. I was here on second night and it was absolutely stunning! We dined on some delicious food, heard some wonderful stories and some inspiring recounts from people’s year past, watched the kids enjoying a Rosh Hashana themed celebrity heads game and generally participated in some lovely conversations. There is something special about seeing many families gather to make up one larger one and the atmosphere in the air was really electric as all welcomed in the year 5774!
    In an effort to keep this post as short and sweet as possible, I thought I would just give you a quick run down of some of the other highlights we have enjoyed since the last post. This week we welcomed a group from Coles/Liquorland for a cook-in. Collaborating with businesses and hosting corporate events is something that we are starting to do more and more frequently here at OBK. With this in mind, we are currently in the process of dreaming up some more wonderful initiatives specifically for corporate groups to enjoy – stay tuned! 

    With the school holidays in full swing, we have welcomed many many kids to the kitchen recently. The kids have been enjoying baking cookies and bread rolls, making fruit and vegetables skewers and participating in sport games, before digging into their lunches. We love having so many young and excited faces around the kitchen as we educate kids on the importance of giving to those less fortunate themselves. 

    And with all these fantastic kids in the kitchen, we are definitely grateful to all the volunteers who have stepped up to help us ensure that these days run so smoothly! 

    There is never a dull moment here at OBK!! There may be a slight delay again between this post and the next with all the upcoming festivals – so let me take this opportunity now to wish you all an easy fast this weekend and a good yom tov. 


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  • Welcome Home!

    Thursday, September 04, 2014

    So welcome to another OBK fortnightly update. Before anything else, it is with great pleasure that I tell you all that the Slavin family is home and back at OBK where they have been sorely missed! OBK was definitely buzzing today with the return of the Slavins and it was lovely to see everyone as excited to see them home as they are to be back at OBK. It is definitely nice having everyone back together again and the kitchen today was once again filled with dancing volunteers and even the sounding of the shofar blown by Rabbi Slavin as we build up to Rosh Hashana. 

    Deloitte Consulting 

    The two weeks leading up to their return were, as always, very busy but also very exciting and a lot of fun as we welcomed more new faces and of course our old friends back. Last blog I left off with Bankwest heading out our doors and towards The House of Welcome, food in hand. That same evening we welcomed another corporate group from Deloitte Consulting who worked with Chef Jonathan to create a hearty soup, Chicken Cacciatore and Apple Bubkas. Our number of corporate team building events is certainly on the rise, prompting us to begin creating more exciting options for teams to pick from. It is so lovely seeing so many corporations, large and small, eagerly coming in to give back to the community.

    Girl Guides

    Of course, OBK is for people of all ages so following the corporates it was really nice to welcome a group of absolutely lovely Girl Guides to come and make cookies and Challah. The girls, who came with three leaders, immediately absorbed the ethos of the place and seemed extremely enthusiastic to produce great results, understanding the benefit of the treats that they were creating. We loved having the girls in and look forward to hopefully welcoming them back soon. 

    Moishe House 

    Forever our busy day, Thursday night we welcomed a group from Moishe House who cooked and later dined on the food that they had created. Moishe House describes itself as being a ‘pluralistic international organization that provides meaningful Jewish experiences to young adults in their 20s. Their innovative model trains, supports and sponsors young Jewish leaders as they create vibrant home-based communities for themselves and their peers.’ Using OBK as a ‘host home’ for their latest Sydney even, the group made a delicious bolognaise that twenty five of their members enjoyed. For more information on Moishe House visit http://www.moishehouse.org/


    The last couple of weeks have seen us joining in the birthday celebrations for two lovely young ladies, Jaimee, 6, and Anneliese, 8. Both girls invited their friends to come and celebrate their special days by making treats such as cookies and cupcakes, participating in lots of fun activities and by learning the joys of giving to others. A big thanks to Jaimee, Anneliese and all their guests for helping us to create so many delicious treats to go to kids in hospital – Happy Birthday girls! 

    Mazal Tov

    A big Mazal Tov to Rabbi Yossi and Rivky Shuchat on the birth of their beautiful new daughter, Bina Raizel. On Sunday we celebrated this wonderful new addition to their family with many of their nearest and dearest participating in Challah baking, sand art candle making, a jumping castle and cupcake decorating. Rabbi Yossi and Rivky are so special to all of us at OBK and our closeness with them and the JEMs organisation is truly something that we all cherish. So to Yossi, Rivky, Mushka and Shaina Bracha, Mazal Tov! And Bina Raizel, welcome to the OBK family! 

    Cooking Class 

    Last night we welcomed another group for a cook-in that focused on blending Israeli and Russian food together by cooking up a storm including Falafels and Cherry Vareniki. The group was co-organised by Hillel, Hagshamah and Kangarusski and brought together the youth of the Russian speaking Jewish community and the wider community. It was a great night and we look forward to seeing many of them again. 

    Amongst all of this our usual work with schools, volunteers and caterers powered on as normal. In an effort to keep this post shorter than previous ones, I will leave it here and wish you all a Shabbat Shalom and a lovely fortnight ahead. I look forward to updating you on all the excitement that takes place here over the next couple of weeks. 

    Finally - Just a reminder to book in for the Rosh Hashana dinners at OBK if you would like to join us for the celebrations. Details are below 

    Until then =) 

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