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Our Big Kitchen is a community run kitchen located in Bondi, Sydney. With support from volunteers, we prepare meals that are distributed to needy people from all walks of life. 

 Why not host your next corporate team building event, kids party, or other special event at Our Big Kitchen? Not only will it be lots of fun, but your efforts will help someone in need. 

 At Our Big Kitchen, our main ingredient is love.

  • Greg Fisher steps down as OBK GM

    Thursday, August 27, 2015

    After 4 years at OBK and 3 as its General Manager, Greg Fisher has decided to step down. 

    In what will no doubt be seen as an incredible journey achieving great success by two unlikely partners, Rabbi Slavin and Greg Fisher, Greg has decided that it is time to move on. 

    L-R: Greg Fisher, Rabi and Laya Slavin

    According to OBK’s Executive Director, Rabbi Dr Dovid Slavin, Greg will leave OBK having achieved more in 3 years than could ever have been hoped. 

    “When Greg became General Manager, we sat down and agreed where OBK should be in 3 years. Goals were set for the reach of OBK, for community relevance, and to achieve financial self-sufficiency. Bottom line is – Greg has achieved these goals. He is a get-in-get-the-job-done guy. He is no-nonsense in his business approach but empathetic and caring in his communication with the community” Rabbi Slavin said.  

    “Everyone knows that Greg brought to OBK empathy from his own background and a steely determination to give back to the community by leading this Agency to the highest possible standards in terms of program delivery, community reach and practical education” Rabbi Slavin said.

    “Greg brought to OBK his prior corporate experience married with his life experiences that has seen him transform OBK to the vibrant Agency it is today. Greg has established strategic alliances with other Agencies, government bodies and the corporate sector all designed to broaden the reach and capability of OBK. He promoted practical education programs promoting inter-cultural understanding, support for new immigrants, Jewish education and so on. Greg broadened OBK’s reach by interfacing with universities in Australia and around the world bringing university interns in the fields of nutrition and social work” Rabbi Slavin said.

    Mr Fisher has recently released his memoir, Inside Out, which was launched only recently at OBK by The Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG, which tracks his journey to OBK.

    “I will forever be very grateful to Rabbi Slavin and Laya, whom I see as very close friends and exemplars in the community. For me I feel the time is now right to step aside. I won’t be far away and will for some time support OBK and ensure a smooth transition to the next incumbent. I am enormously proud of what I have achieved at OBK and this achievement represents the collaborative effort with my team as well as the community” Mr Fisher said. 

    Fisher said that he is most grateful for his second chance in life.

    “Rabbi Slavin and Laya are beacons in terms giving people a second chance. I have been enormously encouraged by the fact that every person or organisation I have dealt with in my capacity as General Manager of OBK has known of my past. They have been able to look past that to work constructively with me to help other people. This says more about the goodness in others and people’s willingness to forgive and move on.” Fisher said. 

    “There are so many programs for which I take great pride in having established. Right now however the focus must be on greater support for our wonderful people in our community living with disability. OBK is doing as much as it can to create and manage meaningful programs and vocational opportunities for them. I hope to see much more community engagement with this initiative.” Fisher said.

    “I am leaving OBK on a high and in great shape and wish it every success going forward. As for me, I am very excited about the future. I want to capitalise on my book by responding to calls to help in a range of areas. I love the community sector and may well return to it. If I end up back in the corporate world, it will be with a wealth of life experience and this time with an eye on always helping someone less fortunate. I feel very blessed.” Fisher said.“Not many people have had Greg’s life – but no-one can deny that he uses every part of his life’s experiences to the maximum. Greg is a good friend of Laya and mine and I know that I will always be able to call on him for advice and support in the future” Rabbi Slavin said.

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  • Inside Out Book Proceeds to Support OBK

    Friday, August 21, 2015

    Inside Out, the story of OBK General Manager Greg Fisher, has just been released. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to OBK. 

    After a comfortable upbringing in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Greg Fisher did what he thought a good Jewish boy should do. He married, had a child and started making his way up the corporate ladder. But after coming out and leaving his wife, Greg’s life veered into the fast lane. A-list parties and a growing business empire proved a heady mix, and by the early 2000s his high-stakes lifestyle began to spiral dangerously out of control. 

    Eventually jailed for corporate fraud and drug dealing, Greg spent almost eight years in prison, sharing a cell with some of Australia’s most notorious criminals – and began the slow process of rebuilding his life. With his parole over in mid 2015, Greg is now general manager of Our Big Kitchen, a successful community kitchen. Written with brutal honesty, Inside Out is an extraordinary story of ambition, addiction and redemption.

    Inside Out can be purchased at many good bookshops, as well as the following locations:
        • Our Big Kitchen, 35 Flood St Bondi  (ph 02-80842729 and ask for Sandy);
        • Lindfield Bookshop, 328 Pacific Hwy, Lindfield (ph 02-94164201 and ask for Scott Whitmont);
        • The Bookshop, Darlinghurst, 207 Oxford St, Darlinghurst;
        • Online at booktopia 

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