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A Day in the Life of an OBK Event Attendee

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

In the bustling city of Sydney, where urban life thrives amidst cultural hubs and scenic coastlines, there exists a unique sanctuary of hope and community: Our Big Kitchen (OBK).

Nestled in this cosmopolitan haven, OBK stands out as an innovative blend of a charitable kitchen and a space of collaborative togetherness. But unlike the quintessential soup kitchens of yore, with their straightforward meal provisions, OBK offers an enriched tapestry of experiences.

For event attendees who step into our kitchen, it's not just about providing meals; it's about being part of a transformative journey where culinary pursuits intertwine with camaraderie and learning. Let's embark on this journey, traversing through a day in the life of an attendee at this community hub.

Our kitchen

Morning: A Warm Welcome

As dawn breaks over Sydney, casting a golden hue over its landmarks, the doors of Our Big Kitchen (OBK) open, beckoning attendees into a day of discovery and camaraderie. The familiar aroma of fresh ingredients sets the stage, but before diving into the culinary aspects, the morning is all about orientation and familiarisation.

Attendees are given a comprehensive tour, showcasing the many facets of OBK. They’re introduced to various sections of the expansive space, from the bustling kitchen areas to the dedicated spots for team-building activities.

An integral part of the morning is the group orientation. Here, we come together to delve into the ethos of OBK. Through engaging presentations, interactive sessions, and firsthand testimonials, they’re acquainted with the charity's mission, its emphasis on teamwork, and the broader impact on the Sydney community. It’s not just a cursory overview; it's a deep dive into the heart and soul of OBK.

Mid-morning: Dive into Team Building

As the initial orientation fades and the Sydney sun climbs higher, the mid-morning phase ushers in a more hands-on and collaborative approach. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation, and the emphasis shifts from understanding OBK’s mission to experiencing it firsthand.

Team-building Challenges: Mid-morning sees attendees diving into an array of masterchef-like team-building exercises. These challenges are thoughtfully designed by our chefs to cater to individuals from all walks of life, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their background or culinary expertise, feels involved. Simple tasks like identifying ingredients blindfolded or assembling a dish without a recipe become profound lessons in trust, communication, and mutual respect.

Culinary Workshops: Parallel to these team-building activities, OBK often hosts short culinary workshops. These sessions are both informative and interactive, offering attendees a chance to expand their kitchen skills. Whether it's mastering the art of kneading dough, understanding the subtleties of seasoning, or exploring the diverse world of local Australian ingredients, these workshops are a delightful blend of learning and hands-on experience.

Sharing a Meal

Lunchtime: Sharing a Meal

As midday approaches and the rhythmic dance of Sydney’s outside world continues, the atmosphere within OBK takes on a comforting warmth. The culinary efforts from the morning workshops and the tales shared begin to manifest in the form of a diverse spread of dishes. But lunchtime at OBK is not just about satiating hunger; it's an immersive communal experience that embodies the core values of the institution.

Savouring Creations: One of the highlights of lunchtime is the chance for attendees to taste and appreciate the fruits of their collective labour. Dishes prepared during the workshops are laid out, allowing everyone to sample a little bit of everything. Each bite carries with it the stories, lessons, and collaborative efforts from the morning, turning the act of eating into a reflective journey.

Roundtable Conversations: OBK places a significant emphasis on communication and sharing. Attendees are encouraged to engage in open conversations as they eat. These discussions range from personal anecdotes and experiences at OBK to broader topics about community, charity, and the power of giving back. This not only deepens the bond between attendees but also broadens perspectives and fosters a sense of belonging.

Feedback Sessions: An integral part of the lunchtime experience is the opportunity for attendees to provide feedback on the dishes and the morning's activities. This isn’t a mere formality. OBK genuinely values the insights and suggestions from its attendees, using this feedback to refine their programs and ensure a continually enriching experience for future participants.

Early Afternoon: Workshop Activities

As the afternoon progresses in Sydney, the momentum at OBK remains strong, shifting from morning interactions to focused and meaningful tasks.

  • Diverse Culinary Projects: The expansive OBK kitchen becomes a hive of activity. Attendees find themselves working on a variety of culinary projects tailored to serve the community. From preparing hearty stews and soups to crafting baked goods, there’s a role for everyone, regardless of their culinary expertise.

  • Skill Stations: In tandem with the meal preparation, OBK often sets up skill stations where attendees can take short breaks to delve deeper into specific culinary techniques or learn about the nutritional aspects of the dishes they’re preparing.

  • Community Engagement: Beyond the kitchen, some attendees engage in outreach activities. This could involve interacting with the recipients of the meals being prepared, understanding their stories, and building bridges.

  • Sustainability Practices: The early afternoon also highlights OBK’s commitment to sustainability. Attendees are educated about waste minimisation, the importance of using local produce, and ethical sourcing.

Culinary Projects

Late Afternoon: Hands-on Meal Preparation

The late afternoon at OBK is a crescendo of activity, a harmonious blend of the day's lessons, experiences, and the tangible outputs of the attendees’ collective efforts. As the Sydney skyline takes on the amber hues of the setting sun, the rhythm inside OBK becomes more purposeful and focused, with everyone geared towards the final stretch of the day.

  • Final Meal Preparations: The dishes conceptualised and initiated earlier are now in their final stages of preparation. The air is thick with the aroma of freshly cooked meals, and there's a tangible sense of accomplishment. Attendees often find themselves perfecting the dishes, adding finishing touches, ensuring that each meal is not just nutritious but also infused with care and love.

  • Packaging with Purpose: One of the crucial tasks during the late afternoon is packaging. It's not merely about placing food in containers. At OBK, the process is infused with thoughtfulness. Meals are carefully labelled, ensuring that dietary restrictions or preferences are clearly marked. Personalised notes of encouragement or gratitude might be added, turning each meal box into a package of hope and warmth.

  • Reflective Activities: While the hustle and bustle continues, OBK ensures that there are pockets of reflection even in this busy phase. Small groups might break away for short debrief sessions, discussing their experiences, challenges faced, and the joys of the day.

  • Setting Up for Tomorrow: OBK's commitment to the community is an ongoing endeavour. Thus, even as one day's activities wind down, preparations for the following day begin. Attendees might be involved in inventory checks, setting up for the next batch of team-building activities, or prepping ingredients for the following morning.

Hands-on Meal Preparation

Evening: Reflection and Gratitude

In the evening, OBK transitions into a space of contemplation, celebration, and forward-thinking. The evening phase is not just about winding down; it's a poignant segment where the depth of the day's journey is truly realised.

  • Community Dinner: After the rush of meal preparations and distributions, OBK often hosts a community dinner for the attendees. This is more than a meal — it's a culmination of the day's emotions, lessons, and shared experiences.

  • Feedback Circle: An integral aspect of the evening is the feedback circle. Attendees, team leaders, and OBK coordinators come together in an informal setting, sharing their thoughts about the day. What went well? What challenges arose? How did certain experiences make them feel?

  • Gratitude Activity: Recognising the importance of gratitude in community service, OBK often facilitates a gratitude activity. This could be as simple as each attendee sharing one thing they're thankful for or writing thank-you notes to their fellow attendees.

  • Planning Ahead: With an eye on the future, evening sessions often involve brainstorming and planning for upcoming events or activities. Attendees who've shown interest in longer-term involvement might join coordinators in discussing future charity drives, outreach programs, or ways to innovate and expand the OBK experience.

  • Farewells: As the evening draws to a close, there's a series of heartfelt farewells. But these aren't just simple goodbyes. They are promises of return, of keeping in touch, and of carrying forward the OBK spirit into daily life.

Evening: Reflection and Gratitude

With the doors of OBK eventually closing for the night, there remains an ambient glow — a testament to a day filled with purpose, passion, and community spirit. Attendees leave not just with memories but with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to the broader Sydney community. Another day at OBK might have ended, but its ripple effects continue, touching lives, warming hearts, and building bridges of compassion and understanding.

Dive into a transformative experience at OBK! Whether it's a fun party, an enlightening school program, or an impactful team-building session, we've got the perfect setting waiting for you.


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