Private Functions

Birthday Parties

At Our Big Kitchen our birthday parties are fun, exciting, rewarding and a charitable experience for your children. Best of all, whilst the kids are occupied by our party host, the entire event is completely hassle free for you.

Your child and their guests will enjoy baking and decorating delicious party food that is then packaged up for all guests to take home. At OBK, we teach kids the importance of giving so we always make sure that guests leave with two of whatever they made; one for them and one to make someone else happy. As well as this, we encourage kids to always think of others and do this by explaining to them that some of what they make will go with the Clown Doctor to help other kids who aren’t doing too well.

No hassles one stop shop! We set up, run the party, provide food, décor, entertainment, cake and clean up.




-           Connect and interact with friends in a meaningful way

-           Make a tangible difference by giving back to the community together

-           Engage in a wider community and connect to growing a community

-           Learn about giving, sharing, respect, love, kindness and gratitude

-           Understand others and learn about compassion and kindness

-           Learn new cooking skills and have fun

Duration: 1.5 hours

The program includes:

  • Party food table, snacks (chips, lollies, pretzels, popcorn, fruit)

  • Cake (10 inch choc or vanilla with “Happy Birthday xx”)

  • Basic décor boy/girl theme (bunting, streamers)

  • Craft table (colouring in and designing paper plate craft)

  • Party entertainer – fun movement game

  • Cookie making

  • Cupcake icing and decorating

  • Take home cupcakes and cookies for guests


Sundays - $650 for 30 children

Weekdays - $550 for 30 children

Thereafter $10 per child for each additional.

*this is tax deductible as OBK is a registered charity

For more information about our programs and calendar, please contact us.

Birthday Party Our Big Kitchen
Custom Events

Many people seek to celebrate special occasions in their lives by giving back. Our Big Kitchen offers a meaningful way of connecting with your family and friends for these occasions.

Some examples of functions we have hosted: special birthdays (21st, 30th, 40th, 90th), hens parties, kitchen teas, graduations, baby showers, special bread (challah) bakes, weddings, or even just family/friend bonding and meaningful meditations.


All our functions are centered on giving and doing good to help each other and the wider community.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our programs and availability.

Custom Events Our Big Kitchen