On 14 September 2016 OBK was excited and proud to support beyondblue, who make a real difference to the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by depression, anxiety and suicide. At OBK we believe that good nutrition and good food can help people on their journey and as such we felt connected to this cause. OBK is all about nutritious food for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We also believe cooking should be fun and the experience brings people together. Special celebrity hosts MasterChef Finalist Renae Smith and Nutritionist and Dietician Lyndi Cohen, shared their culinary skills, as well as some of their personal insights into depression and anxiety. Beyondblue volunteer speaker and former professional surfer Nicola Atherton shared her story in the hope it may motivate others to seek treatment if experiencing anxiety and depression. This exciting and interactive cooking event was well supported with over 50 people gathering to support the beyondbluebash @ Ourbigkitchen cook-in. Over $2,000 was raised for beyondblue and still counting!